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6 years in the market – unparalleled traffic quality

Weever Media is a mobile advertising network/agency with worldwide quality traffic focused on App promotion. We provide App Developers and Advertisers with mobile user acquisition and re-engagement that works.

We reach over 100 million unique users each month across a multitude of premium apps and websites around the world. Our combination of technology and powerful data-driven approach connect your app to engaged users, monetise your app and help you reach your marketing goals. To our publishers, we have a powerful tracking solution available and easy ways to integrate like our real-time API.


Only pay for results – our user acquisition experts optimize for maximized ROAS.


Global Reach

We provide a single point of access to over 35,000+ supply partners in more than 150 countries worldwide

Unrivaled Quality

Custom-built optimization algorithms deliver quantifiable value to your ad spend at every stage of the conversion funnel

Data-Driven Analysis

Integrate post-install events and other relevant KPIs to increase control and performance on your campaigns

100% Transparency

Weever takes full ownership over your user acquisition efforts and provides complete transparency on ad placements, performance and cost


We do for our clients Media buying at:

From identifying the right users to optimizing your campaign performance. Achieve your acquisition goals while backed by our team and technology.

The right user acquisition strategy is a constant adaption, revision and change – for maximal engagement and monetisation.

  • DSP

  • In-App

  • Mobile Web

  • Social Networks

  • Search Engines

  • Targeted Audience Buying

  • Incent

  • Pop Traffic


We’re a passionate team that focuses on helping developers and content creators earn money from their work.

In the mobile performance advertising market since 2012, we have established strong relationships with the best traffic sources and have our in-house media buying team. This enables our advertisers to find top users all over the world, building a strong foundation of data, analytics and technology allowing optimization at every stage.

Our team will help you reach your goals and bring you to a new app monetization heights.

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Publishers Solutions

Weever Media has been in app and mobile performance marketing for 5 years now and can provide publishers with greatly performing mobile campaigns. We work only with brand safe advertisers and our payment terms for traffic are top in the market.

Publishers working with Weever Media are able to benefit from working with an exceptionally wide range of premium advertisers in every vertical. Weever Media’s RTB technology delivers best eCPM rates and advertisements that will be relevant to their websites and valuable to their audience.

We also make real emphasis on creatives so you will get the best copies in order to milk your campaigns for all their worth.