Weever Media’s pick of the posts #5

Create a Killer App Marketing Strategy for Your Business

We start our weekly round up with a great article which stresses the importance of research at the concept stage, to understand your audience and inform how your app is built, priced and marketed. It also suggests that marketing is a process of experimentation to discover what marketing channels work best for your app – set goals and monitor the success of various tactics.

How Mobile Marketing Brings in Customers

If you’re in any doubt about mobile marketing as an effective means of reaching your customers then check out this article. Four very concise reasons why apps, mobile sites and mobile marketing are must-have business tools.

And if you’re still in any doubt then read on…

The ‘App’ In Your Business

Packed with innovative ideas companies are coming up with to make apps an integral part of their business. Apps can be used to improve customer relations, reduce transaction costs and build brands and in the coming 12-18 months mobile will have an increasing impact on how businesses are run.

And finally…

P&G launches ‘first’ interactive toothbrush

Smartphone technology in a toothbrush? Technology innovation and marketing genius bring us an interactive toothbrush and app which makes brushing teeth ‘smarter and more personal” as Procter & Gamble launch a new product to market. Pop that on your Christmas list!

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