Case Study: App Store Optimisation

Due to the overcrowded app stores, the discovery of an app is one of the biggest issues app developers face these days. An effective way to get the app in front of more users is by App Store Optimisation (ASO). ASO uses all means to increase the ranking of the app in the search results as well as increasing the conversion rate on the app detail page. The goal is firstly to generate higher traffic to the app’s page in the app store and then make more users download the app from there.

App Store Search Ranking and App Marketing

High search rankings are of crucial importance in getting the app noticed as well as in general app marketing. 60% of downloaded apps originate from searches within the app store and generate high quality users. These intentional downloads result in loyal users as well as disproportionately high in-app purchases and other actions which lead to app monetisation.

Case Study

ASO Challenge

Golfoon, a sports app which had ambitious amateur golfers as a target audience, approached Weever Media to achieve higher rankings in the search results of the relevant targeted users and boost the app downloads.

The Weever App Store Optimisation Solution

We utilised, as for all of our app promotion projects, best of breed software. In this case we worked with ASO tool Sensortower.

Our ASO activities comprise the following components:
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  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page optimisation (including all meta tags, screenshots, etc.)
  • Category and market analysis
  • Reporting
  • ASO tool support


The ASO project was carried out for German speaking countries – Germany, Austria and Swizterland.

Banner-app store optimised client app

Results of the App Store Optimisation

As a result of our activities the app achieved a much higher search ranking:

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  • Keyword ‘golf resort’ – increase in search ranking: 0 to rank 1
  • Keyword ‘golf’ – increase in search ranking: 0 to rank 8
  • Keyword ‘golf club’ – increase in search ranking: +600%
  • Keyword ‘golf course’ – increase in search ranking: +150%
  • Keyword ‘golf guide’ – increase in search ranking: +50%


Further achievements were the increase in organic downloads as well as a top 10 ranking in iTunes.

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