Best of App Store Optimization #2

Here’s our newest round-up of app store optimization posts dealing with iOS 8 and the future of ASO.

iOS 8 Features App Store Optimization

iOS 8 will be released this Fall, and the part which interests app owners are the changes coming to Search in the App Store, Apple’s reaction to app discovery difficulties. From Trending Searches, that will allow users to find apps that are getting popular, to Related Searches, which will give better search suggestions, there is a lot to be excited about.


Why Screenshots Will Be Even More Important in iOS 8

While iOS 8 will affect app publishers in many ways, one of the interesting parts is how screenshots will be displayed in search. Comparing to iOS 7, where screenshots displayed in landscape mode would always end up sideways, in iOS 8 they will display in their correct orientation due to the new vertical scrolling feature, making browsing easier.


The Future of ASO

Everybody wants to know what ASO is, even people who are well versed in app store optimization are interested in what others think about it. But how will the future of ASO look like? It can be new app stores emerging from China, increasing app lifetime value to years or measuring brand trust as metrics, but it will change everything.


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