Best of App Store Optimization #3

Here’s our latest round-up of app store optimization posts, this time about keywords and different types of metadata.

The Ideal Keyword Frequency in the Descriptions of Top Android Games

The get the best results in Google Play search, you should include your target keyword five times in the description. But does it really help an app rank for a keyword? For example, how many times three top grossing games in Google Play, Candy Crush Saga, Modern War and Hay Day, use their top keywords in their descriptions?


How To: Optimize Your Keyword Strategy for Your News App

News apps are just some of more than a million apps in both Apple App Store and Google Play. While a large part of mobile users routinely read news on their devices, not all of them use major brand name apps from the likes of Yahoo! and CNN. With good keywords, smaller apps such as Zinio have a better chance of being downloaded.


App Store Optimization: On-metadata & Off-metadata

App store search is the most popular way people discover new apps, even ahead of WOM from friends. Thus it is very important to know how to optimize your chances of being found through search, no matter if your on iOS or Android. You should also understand the two sides of ASO, on-metadata (e.g. keywords) and off-metadata (e.g. links).


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