Best of App Store Optimization #4

Here’s our latest round-up of app store optimization posts, with latest tips for title, ranking and internationalization.

How to Find the Ideal Name Length for Your iOS App

When talking about ASO, nothing raises more debate than the name of an app. This is because there are basically two choices: to use just the app name to look slick and emphasize the brand, or to stuff it with keywords to get ASO benefits but risk looking spammy. You need to find a balance between the options to get your ideal app name.


8 Tips for Higher App Rankings: App Store Optimization

Like the search engine and SEO, the app store and ASO are transitioning from initial, poor search metrics to deeper, more powerful indicators that stem from ever more accurate user data collected by algorithms. The industry is becoming mature, more competitive, and the ranking of an app will depend on the quality of its user experience.


Internationalization and Localization Guide – Apple Developer

The App Store is available in 150 different countries, so why would you use only one language for your app? To get to this global market, you first need to internationalize your app by making it able to adapt to different languages, times, dates and numbers in regional formats. This gives you native app status in each market you want to target.



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