Best of App Store Optimization #1

Here’s a collection of useful recent posts on app store optimization.

Do You Need App Store Optimization? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

You will always need ASO. No matter if you’ve been ranked in the top 10 for a couple of weeks or have never made it to the top 100, there’s always room for improvement. The 3 questions to ask yourself are: does your app rank first for any of your keywords, what’s your app’s current ranking and do you update your app often enough.


Keyword Difficulty in 3 Easy Steps

Do you choose the keyword with a lot of traffic but difficult ranking, or the one with easy ranking but less traffic? First thing you need to know is how hard both keywords are to rank for. You can do this by comparing how many apps show up, how much are the rankings changing, and if there are any big brands in the top 10 with your keywords.


How to Boost Existing App Downloads Without Changing Your Keywords

As important as keywords are, there comes a time when your keywords are well optimized and changing them would actually hurt your ranking. Even if you rank in the top 10 for your relevant keywords, there are other techniques you can use to improve downloads. A winning combo could be to change the icon, screenshots and title with a price drop.


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