Weever Media’s pick of the posts #1

Welcome to our weekly roundup of interesting articles and posts on the ever-shifting landscape of app marketing.

Firstly, a couple of those handy ‘6 ways to…’ or ‘3 things you must…’ type posts which contain some great suggestions and little nuggets of info:

4 things to do at the time of app release

If you have a great app but no idea what to do when it comes to launching it to your adoring public then this is the place to start. Four simple steps to get you off the mark when it comes to getting your app noticed, installed and climbing the ranks.

After You Read These 9 Reasons You Might Consider Listing Your App For Free

If you’re lying awake at night wondering whether to charge $0.99 for your app or not then take a look at this article and maybe you’ll sleep a little better.

And staying with the topic of free apps:

‘Free’ download app becomes the norm

Some useful stats and an interesting take on attitudes towards long term use and upgrades. Are apps becoming ‘disposable’ products?

And finally…

Apple will refund at least $32.5M in app case

If you’re a parent like me who grudgingly shares mobile devices with small children then you will be familiar with the practice of hovering over your child making sure they don’t drop your precious new phone or tap on something which is going to cause chaos or cost you cash. So I read this article with a smile – parents triumph over Apple!

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