Weever Media’s pick of the posts #2

Here’s your regular roundup of Weever Media’s favourite articles and posts on the topic of app marketing.

Push Mobile Marketing — App Notifications Vs. Messaging

Mobiles have given marketers a whole new world of ways to engage with (and potentially annoy) their customers. This article compares text messaging with app notifications as a less intrusive way to get your message out there.

The Three Waves Of Mobile Marketing

Part art, part science…? Mobile marketing has only been around since 2009 however in its short history there have already been several major shifts in the way that think about marketing goals, strategy and pricing models. This article gives a brief history of mobile marketing with an overview of the changes which have taken place in all aspects of the discipline.

And finally…

Game On: How to Beat the Rising Cost of Acquiring Mobile App Users, And a Little Football Too

If the rocketing cost of acquiring users is giving you palpitations then think about the guys spending $4m on 30 seconds of TV advertising during the Super Bowl! American football analogies galore in this article full of smart ideas to make the most of your app marketing budget.

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