Weever Media’s pick of the posts #3

Weever Media reflects on the latest crop of app marketing posts and articles.

Why it’s critical to track conversions for your mobile app

So you’ve driven some downloads, what next? To make the most of your marketing budget you need to be able to track the source of those conversions and use the data to fine-tune your marketing spend. This article gives you the low-down on conversion tracking and why you should be doing it.

Digitally Marketing: Correctly measuring your marketing efforts

So, you’re now tracking your conversions but are you looking at each of your marketing channels in isolation or are you looking at the influence of one campaign on another? This article suggests there is cross pollination between various channels as potential users may become aware of your app from one source of marketing but the conversion actually happens via another. The advice is to look at all of your digital marketing efforts when judging the performance of any one channel.

Take Your Mobile App Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level With Deep Linking

This article highlights the many advantages of using deep linking to a specific area of an app when it comes to marketing campaigns. Deep linking can help you highlight new or under-used areas of your app, remove several layers in the conversion funnel or effectively re-engage dormant user. There are cross-device issues to consider but, if done well, deep linking can be a valuable addition to your app marketing strategy.

And finally…

Mobile App Marketing Digest

Did you know that Amazon is monetising 3-4 times better than Google Play? Or that 51% of featured apps never even reach the Top 400 in the App Store? A collection of interesting (if a bit random) facts about the state of mobile marketing. Enjoy…

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