Weever Media’s pick of the posts #7

Here’s our latest roundup of useful posts on the topic of app marketing.

Why brands shouldn’t always opt for a free app

With the vast majority of app store revenue generated by freemium apps there would seem to be few reasons to consider launching a paid app however when it comes to creating partnerships and user engagement it seems that requiring your users to part with a little money upfront might reap benefits in the long term.


Mobile marketing tests start for Yahoo in-app ads

Following the lead of Facebook, Yahoo is reportedly planning to introduce ads for installing apps directly onto the users device. As yet Yahoo has not managed to generate much revenue from its mobile business however, if the success of Facebook  mobile app install ads is anything to go by, this latest development will quickly change that.


Marketing Your App In China

There is great potential for growth in the Chinese market however the complex and fragmented market and localisation issues it’s not going to be an easy one to take advantage of. This article goes into some depth about the challenges we face in marketing to Chinese smartphone users.

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