Google Wallet App – the smartest integrations

The Google Wallet, is a new initiative by Google that has been designed to make the payment system more refined, user-friendly and much more convenient for the everyday shopper.

The idea is that with the flash of a phone at a checkout with the Google Passbook app installed, payments can be made, and retailers can move onto their next customer with little to no fuss. It’s a nice idea, and Google have been funding a lot into the idea over the past few years.

Unfortunately, right now, adoption rate for apps like the Google Passbook app is fairly low despite Google’s best efforts, and by that I mean not many businesses have adapted to this method of payment, and I’ve yet to see any business ditch the former methods of payment for a system solely based on the use of the Google Passbook app.

However, it could be more than possible that Google Wallet, or any other similar venture turns to be the single most used method of payment in the near future, and it’s important as a business to expand upon and explore new opportunities for customers.

Even though it may not bring in new sales that are worth talking about, there are a few smart integrations for the Google Passbook app that could potentially help you to learn more about your customers, and bring in a few extra sales on top. If a smartphone user has Google Wallet installed on their smartphone, it’s more than likely that their curiosity will drive them to purchase anything they can with the technology, and this can be used as a great tactic to draw customers in.

By using location based advertising, or geo-targeting, you could potentially pinpoint customers and let them know that you now accept Google Passbook payments, and entice them into the store to give it a try.

This kind of method could not only raise awareness in the area that your business is up to date with the latest and greatest, but it can also be used as a way to gauge just how popular Google wallet is in your area, and could also rope in some new customers as well.

If any of your regulars already come by often, you could also do something as simple as placing a sticker at checkout to let them know that you now support Google Wallet payments.

Your location-based advertising scheme could also contain coupon codes and discounts for any Google Wallet transactions to encourage that particular behaviour from your customers.

Right now, Google Wallet is unfortunately not going to bring in a great amount of new success for your business, but you should instead treat it like an experiment, and use techniques like the examples given above to learn about how the locals in your area like to pay, and whether they are ready for the future of apps like the Google Passbook app yet. You may come across surprising results.

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