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Programmatic Media Buying

Independent trading desk specialized in data-fueled automatic media buying across platforms.


Weever Media teams up with our partners to combine technology with a team of experienced traders to make advertising technology equal advertising success.


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Data-fueled Media Buying

Data is the fuel that drives programmatic media buying, it feeds the algorithms that provide the results. By using a combination of acquired data, advertiser data and the data we have at our partners we can map audiences against your target groups.

We leverage your data to increase media buying results. The most valuable data you can obtain is your own data. Every offline and online marketing campaign with the aim of bringing visitors to your website provides the opportunity to obtain data. Whether it is segmenting website visitors or using CRM data, all your touch points can potentially be leveraged and used to reach your audience and increase ROI. We work with you to capture and employ your data assets to achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.


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