Lead Generation Techniques on Slideshare

I just uploaded our current business presentation to SlideShare – it’s Saturday morning (I know) and I am feeling energetic – so I thought I might as well write a little post about it. Here it comes…

SlideShare =

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  • 30 million monthly visitors
  • 80 million page views
  • 300th most popular internet site

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  • 86% hold college degree & 19% Masters/PhD
  • Over 37% earn $100K+/year
  • Over 50% are managers, directors, C-level


What’s it for

social media agency Weever Media on slideshareSlideShare is a business social media platform that lets users share documents, presentations and PDFs. It enables members of this community to curate presentations and organize them to share with others – that’s the social part of it.
At Weever Media we’re using it rather for all sorts of research in Internet Marketing related topics then for lead generation. We should and will do though because there are some clear benefits to it. SlideShare is social but obviously it’s used for marketing purposes mainly and lead generation in particular. I would also see it as part of a inbound marketing approach where you get found by prospects (as opposed to find them) by intelligently disseminating your content across the social web.

Besides the plain uploading of powerpoints there’re lots of other features in SlideShare for showcasing your brand and driving interest as well as leads towards your products/services.

Lead Generation Techniques on SlideShare

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  • B2B Lead Generation on SlideShare

  • Used predominately in the B2B area since the sales cycle requires information gathering and powerpoints are still the most efficient media to bring the message across. If you’ve got some budget you can make use of LeadShare allowing you to collect leads through a short contact form.
    SEO link building on slideshare

  • SEO & Link Building with SlideShare

  • SlideShare allows you to place links in the online presentations connecting back to your website for some nice PR8 Google love and link juice. Make also sure to use the right keywords in title and summary of the uploaded presentation.

  • Spread the Social Media Love with SlideShare

  • SlideShare is quite portable and widgetised. There’s a Facebook app which creates an additional tab on your Facebook fanpage. On LinkedIn you can connect the two accounts or you can also create a SlideShare widget for your site.

  • Connect to the off-line world and create an Event

  • SlideShare Events can be used for building up buzz, sending invites, archiving content, actively discussing topics and utilising features like location, date & time.

  • Advertise on Slideshare

  • 30 million monthly visitors, 80 million page views + over 50% are influencers like managers, directors, or C-level people – you can’t go wrong here.


Content is King

social media content is kingNeedless to say that content is as usual king for all mentioned activities above. For successful inbound lead generation there has to be interesting content available. Check out the most viewed/downloaded presentations and copy their style. Some ideas for presentations are:
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  • Case studies or white papers
  • Tutorials
  • Make the presentation stylish and image-rich
  • Get personal – it’s all about you and your business!

This is the Weever Media presentation on Slideshare:

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