Case Study: Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Facebook can be one of the most cost effective ways to advertise a mobile app. To acquire new and high quality users Facebook Mobile App Install Ads are the weapon of choice for many app developers.

Unlike other Facebook ads, Mobile Install Ads include an “Install Now” button at the bottom of the ad that will take a user directly to the app store to download the app.

22% lower cost per acquisition with Weever Media

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Maximum ROI on Mobile App Installs

There are many options, targeting and payment methods to consider when it comes to running a Mobile App Install Ad campaign. The key to Facebook app marketing is to squeeze the most ROI out of a given budget through optimising the campaign variables. Knowledge and experience are critical to success.

The Challenge

Arenoo, a sports app with football fans and enthusiasts as the target audience, approached Weever Media to achieve a higher ROI for their Facebook marketing campaign.

The Weever Facebook Install Ads SolutionFB-audience

• Strategise: Our Facebook campaign experts analysed the app and set up the campaign options
• Create: High-converting app install ads creative, text and audiences were generated
• Test: Multivariate testing methods were used to compile statistical data to identify the best-performing, most profitable ads and audiences
• Optimise: Through bid-management bids were adjusted to further increase campaign performance by spending on the most valuable audiences.

The user acquisition program was carried out for the German market. We utilised a custom audience which we built with the help of user data from the Arenoo app.

The tracking was accomplished using the Adjust tool which is a third party Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner and has the Facebook SDK in-built.

Results of the Campaign

As a result of our activities the Weever Media campaign achieved:

+35% Higher conversion rates than the existing campaign
+46% Higher click-through-rate than the existing campaign
-22% Cost per install compared to existing campaign

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