It´s been a while, but we’re still wrapping up the latest news from the mobile marketing industry for you. Take a look!

Tune, Making the Second Move: 3 Steps to Engaging New App Users

According to tunes article, there are 3 more or less simple steps to engage new app users. The first step is to know the user and using user data available to you, like activity logs and uninstall rates. Engaging users with in-app messaging is the second step. It´s important to remember that apps are dynamic and ever changing so users want to know that every time they come back, there is relevant new content, offers or features to check out. Kimberly Morrison explains in the third step how you can lure your users back by using push notifications. Just like your in-app messaging, push notifications should be personalized and targeted. It´s important to make it personal.

Mobile-Advertising 2014

Apptamin, how important is the weekend in mobile marketing?

We all love weekends and usually don´t like mondays. No wonder the recently released SOOMLA Q1 2016 Mobile Insights Report shows that weekends are the time of the week when people are most active on they´re mobile devices. With Saturday being the strongest day, saying that the DAU (Daily Active Users) is at its lowest point on Monday. An Appsflyer report confirms this statistic too. It suggests that install activity during the weekend jumps 25% for the iOS, and 6% for Android-powered devices.

Last but not least: we’re again in the Mobyaffiliates, Top App Marketing Agencies 2016

After being stated the Best Mobile App Marketing Agency on from 2015-16 we are also still ranked by mobyaffiliates as a top 10 app marketing agency for 2016. The latest list from February 2016 includes big and broad international marketing companies, as well as specialised mobile marketing agencies like us.